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Smartwatches have been a huge trend during this decade and they will continue to be in coming years too, but we all know for a fact that these smartwatches by big brands in the market are first, extremely fragile and requires exceeding the amount of care to handle, second,  are tremendously expensive, if that wasn’t enough, third requires huge sum to get them repaired if broken as well.

That throws off a big portion of people who actually do not mind smartwatches.

But for them, we would say Hyper SLS came as a savior by launching Tact Watch that comes under the domain of smartwatches but better than those regular ones (which you will know further the reason of) to resort all the problems that they hold. 

Since you’re here we are assuming that you already have heard about tact watch and wanting to know about it in detail. Well, thorough research has been compiled below along with the pros and cons. Towards the end, you also get a comparison of regular smartwatches and tact watch if you are still in a dilemma over which one to go for.

About Tact Watch

tact watch

Since you have seen the term Tact Watch a lot and not quite read about it, the next question is what exactly is a Tact Watch? It is nothing but another smartwatch launched by Hyper SLS specially designed by military engineers for tactical purposes to last long and help in a dangerous and uncertain situation that can be worn by anyone, men or women.

Tact Watch offers all the features that other regular expensive smartwatches promote except those unnecessary ones that are never going to help you for survival. All these features are discussed in detail below with all the functions performed by watch as well.


There is this fake idea for a long time about tactical pieces of equipment having a lame appearance. Well, well! Who said that they have to have a rough look and they can’t be classy??

This Tact watch has broken all those misconceptions and endures a clean sexy look that can be worn by anyone, and has a unisex design.

It comes in a shade “Midnight Moonlight” that is in simpler terms a  member of the black family. Black is compatible with almost all the colors and fits perfectly for all the casual and formal outfits including your adventure days too.

However, the designers preferred an old school design and kept it abstain from a touch screen purely because they wanted to design the best tact watch than a futuristic smartwatch. Touch screens ask for an enormous amount of care that is NO NO in a tactical situation.


The tact watch has a military-based design and is made to stand tough conditions and weather. The watch can take a great amount of force and can still remain intact and working.

It is constructed using a 4th generation Gorilla glass, 316L stainless steel, and has a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating. The 26mm sports strap is anti-allergic, anti-corrosive, and stretch proof. So now you know, what we mean by a military-grade smartwatch. Perfect for every situation!

Besides that, this tact watch is scratch proof and dustproof as well so that you don’t have to worry about having marks on your watch like any other touch screen smartwatch that is prone to scratches.

Trust us, buy and forget, you need not put extra effort into taking care of your tact watch. You not only get a classy looking gadget on your hand but also something that is going to help you out in tough conditions.

Battery life

One thing that no other smartwatch can compete with this tact watch is its battery life.

The biggest selling point as reviewed by its buyers is this feature.

Usual smartwatches ask for a recharge after every few hours or at most 2 days. But with tact watch, WAIT FOR IT… you get a battery life of 33 months. Yes! We are not kidding. 33 full months. We mean, that is not big that is enormous.

Now you know why the company is selling them at such a high speed.  


Tact watch offers almost all the functions that a smartwatch should have except those that are never going to save you from a survival situation. Each of those main functions is listed below and further discussed.

  • Night vision
  • Activity Tracker
  • Sleep Monitor
  • Smartphone app
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Multiple Languages
  • Bluetooth connectivity for pictures

Night Vision

Most of the smartphones require you to physically switch on the night mode for clear visibility at low light but you get this function automated in the tact watch. The backlight gets on its own without doing anything in low light.

Activity Tracker

There are a lot of fitness bands available in stores just to count the number of steps you have walked. But with tact watch, you get an in-built feature (pedometer to be specific) that counts the number of steps you walked in a day, which in turn can help you with your fitness routine.

It calculates the number of steps, how fast you walked and distance traveled that further helps you to count the calories burnt in a day using the smartphone app that can be connected to the watch. Yes! the data gets send itself to the tap that calculates the calories burnt.

Sleep Monitor

Wearing a watch while sleeping can be quite absurd of an idea bur for who has been facing some sleep issues, trust us, this watch can help them out. Sleep monitor feature of this tact watch records the movements while you are asleep. This data is then sent to the sleep monitor app that can give you the desired data.

As of the sleep monitor app, there are a lot of apps for free (paid too) that you can download. If you are unsure about which one to get, we’ll suggest you go with the one mentioned on the tact watch manual.

Smartphone App

You can now connect your tact watch with the smartphone app to perform multiple functions. The app might have a few upgrades improving the functions of the watch.

Also, as of 2019, there have been no hardware upgrades in the watch as the capacity of the watch is maxed now. For 2020, all we can do is wait and see what happens.

Notifications and Alerts

If the battery of this tact watch wasn’t enough to change your minds about smartwatches, then we hope this feature would.

This watch lets you connect with your smartphone and then notify about all the alerts, from emails to calls to social media notifications such that nothing is missed.

Do you still want that touch screen pocket heavy smartwatch that you have always dreamt about?? Think again. 

Multiple Languages

The watch has a wide language range. You can choose from English, French, Italian, German, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese.

A normal watch never offers that option.

Bluetooth Connectivity for Pictures

You can now click your pictures using you’re a button on your watch if you are bad at self-timer pictures. All you have to od is connect your watch to your phone via Bluetooth and you are good to go. Pose and click!

Water Resistance

The main reason why a normal smartwatch can not be used for tactical purposes is that its fragility won’t let it stand in the tough situations. One being, water. Yes! most of these modern-day smartwatches are not waterproof and thus lacks behind.

However, the tact watch is completely waterproof, thus you don’t have to worry about your equipment while you’re on an adventure tour where water bodies are pretty common to be in.


Oh boy! After battery, the price of tact watch catches the attention of the masses. In spite of the fact that the brand is offering such a great range of features, it still has listed it at only $89.99 which seems to be a fair price and extremely affordable as compared to those $1000.00 watches.


If you are looking for a watch just for a tactical watch, this watch is the best and offers plenty of features that are perfect for a tactical condition. All of the goods are listed below.

  • Design – Although it is available in only one color and design, the brand made sure that one design should be impeccable which it is. It can go with every formal and informal event and adds value to your outfit.
  • Durability – Designed to be a military-grade tact watch, pretty obvious it is made to stand strong forces. The 4th generation gorilla glass and DLC coating ensure that.
    The watch is reviewed to take a strong amount of force without getting damaged, rarely breaks.
    Not only that, but the watch is also scratch-proof, dustproof, and waterproof. Have fun on your river rafting, folks!
  • Unisex – Yes! The watch has such a classy look that it can be worn by anyone and everyone and still manage to add value to your outfit.
  • Price – Unlike them costly watches, the tact watch offers a fairly reasonable price of $89.99 and is totally worth every cent.
  • Battery – We mean don’t you all already know we are drooling over this watch’s battery? No other smartwatch in the business offers 33 months of battery. You need to charge it every now and then. Kudos to the designers.


  • Design – Imagine seeing someone else wearing the exact same watch as you in an event. That’s a nightmare. The company only offers one design that too in just one color. That might throw a few customers off. We mean, who doesn’t like a few options to from?
  • Availability – The brand might face problems because of the fact that it only sells via an online site. For people who like to see their stuff in hands before buying it will surely refrain from buying this.

We know that a lot of you might be considering not having a touch screen as a con but it to be noted that this tact watch is specially designed for military purposes and thus, touch screens do not stand a chance in a harsh climate. If you are looking for a touch screen watch, you have plenty of options too.

Why you should buy a tact watch? A comparison – Smartwatch vs Tact watch

After reading everything about tact watch, we hope that you have understood why it is better than other smartwatches. If you still have any doubts, read further.

Design – Smartwatches are considered best only when they have a touch screen but tact watch debunks all these stereotypes and has an old school look. Totally different than what is offered in the market. Touch screens are needed to be well taken care of and extremely fragile.

Battery – No Smartwatch in the market offers a huge battery capacity. They are needed to be charged every few hours. But this tact watch follows the buy and forget theory. It offers 33 months of battery capacity. Yes! you literally do not have to charge your smartwatch for 33 whole months. we are love. Hope you are too.

Durability – As already spoken of, normal smartwatches are bad-mouthed because of the fact that they are extremely feeble and require an extreme amount of care else, they’ll get damaged pretty easily and quickly. However, Our dear tract watch is rough and tough and can stand strong environment too.

Cost – Another point is the fact that regular smartwatches poke a hole in your pockets due to their heavy cost. Get this tact watch at an affordable price that you will never regret.

Waterproofing – How many times have you had to worry about your equipment while getting into the water?? Well, now you know that the tact watch is waterproof. Leave your worries about it getting wet and getting damaged.

Final words

We get that it is quite difficult for you to trust a brand that does not sell offline. But, if you can trust us, we assure you that the reviews that the customers have had have been amazing and you can totally buy the watch without having any second guesses.

Get yourself this tact watch and add value to your life and your outfit. Happy Shopping!

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