Sports Afield 24 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock, In-Depth Review

You own a firearm and still do not have a gun safe?? Well, it is extremely important for you to understand your basic responsibility as a firearm owner. But now that you are here, we are glad that you have finally decided to get one. We appreciate it.

Finding the perfect gun safe for you and your guns can be pretty daunting in itself. One especially a newbie can get extremely overwhelmed by the range of the gun safes that are being sold in the market. We’re here to help, don’t worry!

We have come up with one of the most talked-about gun Safe in the market. The Sports Afield 24 Gun Safe. Continue reading to know more.

About Sports Afield 24 Gun Safe – Specifications

  • Interior Dimensions – 17.125 in W x 24.125 in D x 56.5 in H
  • Exterior Dimensions – 20 in W x 26 in D x 59 in H
  • Capacity – 24 long guns and 4 handguns
  • Lock type – Electronic lock and mechanical backup key
  • Construction – 14 – gauge steel wall construction
  • Fire Rating: 1500°F for 40 minutes

The Review

The Sports Afield 24 Gun Safe has been reviewed to be a pretty decent one according to the hundreds of users that have previously used this safe.
We are coming with a review of the same that will shine a light on the strengths and the weaknesses of the safe that we hope will help you guide towards the decision. All the points that are mentioned below are the basic criteria that one must look for while hunting for a safe haven for your guns. Do good!

The Construction and Design

Well, the look of any object speaks volumes about its quality. And that is the reason why the big brands work their way to make these gun safes look as chic as possible.

However, some customers would not really bother about the looks as they don’t find the need to show the safes to the visitors and would keep them hidden.

Anyway, what about the looks of Sports Afield 24 Gun Safe? The company took into account the importance of the design of the safe and have created a well organized yet well-polished look. The safe sports a cool black color with a silver handle and an electronic lock. The insides are extremely organized due to the correct shelvings.

Having said that, the safe exerts the vibe of it being strong and sturdy as hell that can’t just be broken into, which is obviously almost true.

This 395 pounds heavy gun safe is constructed using 14 – gauge steel with 8 large 1.25 – inch steel bolts. Ideally, higher is the steel gauge value stronger is safe. 14 – gauge is pretty decent for a gun safe, however, you will get a wide variety of gun safes in the market that use 16 to 18 gauge steel to construct their safes. For the price that is it at, 14 – gauge steel does the justice to this safe.

Its ‘Number’ – Capacity

Sports Afield has a huge range of gun safe series that can store a gun collection of almost a store, no obviously just kidding, but the maximum storage is of 40 guns, which is not less if you are a gun maniac. Usually, the owners store a lot less than that to avoid cramming them up which leads to harm to their firearms.

This model can store up to 24 long guns along with 4 handguns. This ain’t a small number folks. However, avoid storing all the guns because it definitely is going to be a hot mess in there which will lead to delayed access. The shelving inside helps with the storage and you get additional space to store other valuable belongings of yours as well.

All we gotta say is, the Sports Afield has a space for a bear inside it.

Dimensions and what about the interior?

With such a high capacity, these safes are logically quite high in size, can go up to the height of 72 inches. This safe though measures 17.125 in W x 24.125 in D x 56.5 in H internally and 20 in W x 26 in D x 59 in H externally. and can fit in your home without any chaos.

Interior? Already spoken of prior, it is highly organized. Not only that, this safe does not lose any chance of providing as much as usage of the space it can. The inside of the door is full of pouches that you can use as additional storage for your stuff.

Having said that, you might need to get the lightings installed as it comes with no illumination in the interior for low light circumstances.

The Locking Mechanism

If you are knowledgeable about the gun safes, you no doubt would be knowing about the biometric fingerprint locks that are being installed in the new generation gun safes. The 24 gun safe, however, still uses an old but not the ancient type of lock, an electronic lock with a dialing pad that pretty easy to install. You also get additional override keys in case the dial pad does not work (chances of which are pretty low).

The electronic lock is quick to respond and opens in just a few seconds without having any delay and is extremely solid to stand against a hefty amount of force by the burglars.

These locks are not only strong but are illuminated as well. Yes! you heard it right. Sports Afield uses illuminated electronic locks to provide easy access in the night during emergencies. The safe got you during the day as well as the night. Feel safe.

Is the Installation Easy?

The case even though is extremely easy to install, could turn out to be quite heavy (395 pounds) to move around that often. The company does help you out with the issue by making the doors removable. Yes! you can remove the door, move it, fix it wherever you want to and then put it back.

The safe is heavy and sturdy so you do not require any type bolting, as it will not topple over you, but still, the company has 4 pre-cut anchor holes to bolt it down to the ground.

What level of protection does it offer? Is it Fire Resistant?

Not many gun safes offer fire resistance at such a good price. The Sports Afield does. You get a fire resistance of 1500°F for 40 minutes which is pretty decent. As you increase putting in the budget, you can get gun safes with higher heat tolerance as well. But this model gets the work done too.

As already mentioned, the electronic lock is one solid thing to break, not only that combined with a solid steel construction unauthorized access of the guns inside is just so not going to be easy for the burglars. We are telling ya, they gotta be hella determined to get their hands on this safe. And even if they try to break it, the tamper alarm will go off, and so will the filthy fellas.

If your society does not have determined robbers, we think it is safe to say that you don’t really have to worry about your safe quite that much. YOU AND YOUR SAFE ARE SAFE.


A lot of gun safes brands have started providing lifetime warranty to their safes and Sports Afield is not any different.

You get a life-time warranty of your Safe in case of burglary, fire accidents, and even flooding. The company covers it all. Not only that, it does offer a guarantee to the lock, paint and some parts as well.

The one thing that this brand offers unlike the others is the free locksmith service for life. So, if your lock shuts down anytime give them a call or drop them an mail. The service would be at your door.



  • It offers fire resistance of 1500°F for 40 minutes.
  • It has a customizable interior space.
  • The company gives a lifetime warranty, a lifetime guarantee on parts, paint and locks too, and free locksmith service.
  • The 14 – gauge steel wall construction makes it tough to break.
  • The interior of the safe is neatly carpeted to prevent scratches.


  • It does not have a biometric lock.
  • The safe could have thicker walls.


There are tonnes of gun safes that you might witness in the market, it is your duty to find the one that suits your environment, your budget, and your requirements as well. Not every gun safe would fulfill what you need and there is obviously no guarantee that the Sports Afield 24 gun safe would do too.

The safe is surely strong and pretty and dependable enough to recommend, but you know what is best for you. So choose wisely after doing your research about other great products that are out in the market.

You already know what this gun safe has to offers, a gigantic interior space, good looks, reasonable cost and but obvious, the rigidity. If that is enough for you, take your pick right away.

Note – As a citizen, it is your sole responsibility to know about the gun and firearm laws in your country to be safe to your environment and yourself regarding legalities that you might face otherwise. Good Luck!

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