Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun Safe with Electronic Lock – In-Depth Review

Wanting to change your gun safe or to get your first one?? We are glad that you realize the importance of having a gun safe that too in a good condition and understand your responsibility as a gun owner to not be lenient when it comes to firearms.

We have previously reviewed gun safes for HandGuns and Long guns on our site but now it is time to bring the in-depth review of certain popular models that deserve a proper review. Today’s model is the Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun Safe.

About Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun Safe – Specifications

  • Interior Dimensions – 24 1/2 in W x 15 in D x 57 in H
  • Exterior Dimensions – 26 in W x 20 in D x 60 in H
  • Capacity – 24 Guns
  • Lock type – Electronic lock with Alarm-U function and mechanical backup key
  • Construction – Solid steel construction
  • Fire Rating: 1200°F for 30 minutes

The Review

We are assuming since you are here, you are in doubt about which gun safe would best suit your requirements. We get it, we understand the queries that you might have. The market extends a range of Gun Safes and it can get quite confusing in deciding the best one.

Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun Safe

This review about the Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun Safe will surely guide you towards its negatives and positives and help you make a decision.

The review is done after taking into account the opinions of hundreds of users and thorough research. Each aspect that is needed to be checked while buying a gun safe is discussed below in detail.

The construction and Design

This piece shares the design of what is called an ideal gun safe. Perfect for your home as it does not grab a hefty amount of space.
The Fortress fireproof 24 gun safe is of an extremely simple design yet dashing to look at because of its black color and silver handle.

The electronic lock is placed in the top middle. You get the vibe of a tough-looking safe even though the safe is light in weight that does require bolting.

Built using solid steel, this safe offers a reasonable amount of safety. You, however, would find other gun safes that are extremely tough to break in but the fortress safe can not be counted in the worst ones.

We will not say that this safe can never be broken into, with utmost efforts it will, but will not give in to the hands of the burglars that easily. A great deal of effort and determination is needed to break into it.

Its ‘Number’ – Capacity

Talking about the number of guns this model can store, the title gives you the answer. Yes! It can store 24 guns but that would be just 24 guns piled on each other. You just can’t store 24 long guns (to be specific) without them rubbing against each other.

However, you do get an option to add shelvings inside the safe and then you might be able to comfortably store 12 guns or slightly more, long and short guns combined.

Dimensions and what about the interior?

This average-sized gun safe measures 24 1/2 in W x 15 in D x 57 in H internally and 26 in W x 20 in D x 60 in H externally enough to make a statement in your home and enough to not take up jumbo space that it looks like a big piece of heavy block permanently sitting in your space.

As spoken earlier, you get an option of added shelvings that offers more space for you to keep your belongings in. Due to these shelvings, the cramming of the guns and other stuff becomes zero and the end result is one highly organized gun safe which is easy to access.

If you need more storing space, you gotta put in some more money and buy the upper models that have storage bags on the door and at the back of the safe as well.

The Locking Mechanism

Unlike most of the gun safes that are adopting a Biometric Guns locking mechanism that has a slightly higher rate of safety but are expensive, this fortress fireproof 24 gun safe uses an electronic lock which is more convenient than keys.

A safe is defined by the quality and rigidity of the lock if that ain’t good no level of construction and added features won’t be able to help it from getting robbed. So is the lock of Fortress Fireproof 24 gun safe strong enough to hold the hefty force?

Well, enough to keep lazy burglars at bay. What else do you expect at such a price? It offers what is worth for.

Is the installation easy?

If the installation is of the dial lock is being asked, the step by step instruction guide comes with the product. The setting up of the lock is pretty simple and easy, will not take more than a minute.

If we talk about the installation of the whole safe as such, this safe is pretty light in weight and would certainly ask for bolting at the surface to prevent it from getting carried away by the robbers.

All the bolting stuff that you need comes with the package and all you need to do is drill the bolts on the surface.

What level of protection does it offer? Is it Fire Resistant?

With such a low price, what should one expect when it comes to protection with this gun safe? Well, you already know that safe with determined efforts can be broken into and is light in weight too, yet the amount of efforts that the safe pleads to be broken into is humongous.

Yes! The lightweight issue gets solved with the bolting on the surface. This makes it impossible to shift from its position.

Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun Safes

The recessed door makes the break-in from the front hard to achieve and not only that, there comes a tamper alarm with the safe that goes off if it detects any type of temperaments being done to the safe.

For the price, it genuinely is of great value. Put in more cash and get a better safe no doubt, but if you do not need that level of protection this model is perfectly fine for you.

You might be wondering why it holds a good position in the market, right?
Well, this gun safe is one of those very few that offers fire resistance for decent enough time (1200°F for 30 minutes) in its price range. Yes, there are other models that offer fire resistance for a longer duration but the cost increases accordingly.

Also, you would be exposed to gun safes that offer absolute zero fire resistance under the same range or even at a higher cost.
This is what a big selling point of this gun safe is, a fire resistance for 30 minutes.


Wait, wait, wait! The second best part is left yet. Guess the warranty duration that the company offers for this model?
A warranty for life is what you get. Yes! You heard it right. What else could you ask for, no?


The price of $299.99 is extremely decent for a gun safe that offers you fire resistance. You can also get a cheaper gun safe but what is the point if they will just function as a glass safe that can be easily broken into?? If you have a good budget in your pocket, feel free to look for more options as if invested well, a safe should stand strong for years.



  • The company offers a lifetime warranty in case of an attack or fire.
  • The safe is easy to install.
  • It gives fire protection for up to 30 minutes.
  • The digital keypad is easy to use.


  • The safe could be a little more sturdy.
  • It does not have a biometric lock.
  • It is light in weight.


If you are well known about the fact that you live in an environment where you do not need an extreme level of safety from the robbers or you are just hunting for a temporary gun safe for a short period of time and you would switch to a better one, later on, the Fortress Fireproof 24 Gun safe is one of the best options that you have.

Fortress has launched other models too which offer an almost similar level of features according to size, price, and capacity. Choose which suits your requirements the best.

Also, if you are a newbie (which we doubt since you are looking for a gun safe with huge capacity), do not forget to learn about the gun laws in your country to avoid any legal issues.

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