Best Portable Car Handgun Safes Review in 2020- Guard Your Guns

What to do when you have to travel and need protection?? You obviously can’t take your gun barely with no safety gear to it. Can’t risk even slightest with the firearms especially if you have kids around, can you? So what should you do?? You know the answer. Yeah! Right. Get yourself a gun safe that you can store inside your car on your travel.

You just can not get any random gun safe as the chances of your gun being stolen on a trip are a lot more than it being stolen at your home. So get a good one.

What one must look for when looking for a gun safe for the car??

  • Pry-resistance, obviously how well it will fight against the hard forces that it might face in a situation of a burglary.
  • Mounting cable, well fine that your gun safe is good enough to not let anyone access the gun inside it but what if the whole gun safe gets stolen? Yeah! Look for the mounting cable in order to tie it inside the car.
  • Size, since you are hunting for a gun safe for your car, you can’t have a rifle sized, heavy-duty safe that will throw the people out of the car to make enough space for just the gun safe itself. well, that will be a great sight for the burglars because now they know where to attack.
  • Look for compact, lightweight and concealable gun safes so that they are out of reach of your kids as well and take less space in your car.

Usually, the car gun safes that are offered to you in the market are compact in size and can hold only one handgun, but there are a few models that can store 2 handguns as well.

We are listing down the best car gun safes that are currently available in the market and worth buying. We have gone through hundreds of products and their reviews to make this list so, do not worry about it being authentic. All the points, the budget, reviews, type, that should be considered were considered. You can trust the brands mentioned below. They have made their name in this market and have been in the industry for years.


VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Bluetooth Smart Pistol Safe with Auto-Open Lid and Rechargeable Battery

vaultek vt20i portable car gun safe

Making a launch at the list of best gun safes for a car is the people’s heartthrob Vaultek VT20i Biometric handgun safe.

The single handgun safe is reviewed to be one of the most technologically advanced due to the fact that it uses A – A biometric lock and B – A Smart Technology system. The Smart Technology system lets you connect the safe with your mobile phone using an app that further lets you monitor the functions and any kind of temperament being made to the safe.


The robustness of this piece comes with its solid 16 – gauge steel construction with a powder finish and corrosion protection that stands any type of break-in. Even a massive force will not be able to taint the safe, keeping the lock and the protective gear intact.

With a capacity of only one handgun, your gun is cased in a foam interior to offer a cushion feeling. LED lighting interior with adjustable brightness for low light situations is installed inside the safe.

You get a quick-release cable mount and pre-drilled holes.
The unibody design without welds adds to the protection percentage of the safe as a whole by eliminating the chance of temperament with the basic construction method.


The Vaultek VT20i uses a biometric lock that opens in a second with an additional backup key in case the battery dries out. Quick to respond at the touch of the finger, it also uses dual anti-impact latches, which once dropped won’t open unless the fingerprint is used.

The heavy-duty steel construction, anti-pry bars, and unibody design makes it pry-resistant, and practically impossible to get in.

4 – foot mounting cable, that comes with the safe, is made with heavy-duty steel as well that can be used to tie the safe in your car.

It also meets the DOJ firearm safety device requirements in California which confirms its safety level. Leave your guns in your car with zero worries of being stolen because this safe ain’t easy to get hands-on without permission.


Interior Dimensions – 11 in W x 5.75 in D x 2 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 11.5 in W x 9.0 in Dx 2.75 in H
Capacity – 1 Gun
Lock type – Biometric, electronic keypad, and override key
Construction – 16 – gauge carbon steel construction
Mount Cable – 4-foot heavy duty 5mm diameter steel security cable


  • You can connect the safe to your mobile phone using SMART SAFE Technology.
  • It comes with a 4-foot long HEAVY-DUTY STEEL SECURITY Cable.
  • The safe has a padded foam interior that protects your guns from scratches and any type of harm.
  • It has guaranteed Anti-theft Protection.
  • It has responsive LED lighting indicating different features.
  • It meets the DOJ firearm safety device requirements in California.
  • It is Heavy-duty and robust preventing physical break-ins.
  • The Triple lock system ensures access to your gun if one lock does not work.


  • The App only works with one safe at a time so you can not get multiple safes with one device.
  • It is very heavy as it is heavy-duty for size.
  • It is also not fireproof or waterproof.


If you are good on a budget, there is absolutely no need for you to even go any further on this list. Vaultek VT20i is your pick, as it of other millions who are satisfied enough to review it to be the best car gun safe in the market.

SnapSafe (2 Pack) Keyed Alike Lock Boxes, X-Large 75211, Portable Steel Handgun Safe & Case

snapsafe keyed car gun safe

Are you a traveler?? and feel the need to carry your guns along whenever you travel? Well, do not worry, the next gun safe in the list is TSA approved, meaning, you can take along your gun safe on a flight as well.

The SnapSafe keyed Alike Lockbox comes in two different variants based on sizes, Large, and Extra Large. Both have the same features except their size. Extra-large is better since it can hold 2 handguns rather than just one in the Large variant.


With the 16 – gauge heavy-duty steel construction, this highly compact design fights against heavy forces that get injected on it during a burglary.

The safe is designed to take minimal space with the idea to conceal itself while maintaining the capacity of 2 handguns alongside. Place it under your car seat or trunk and no one would know about it. The interior is installed with protective removable foam however, they can be on the slightly thicker side.


As much as biometric locks are being promoted in the market in today’s life, this car gun safe is all key lock-based safe and comes with 4 keys to open the safe with. 16 – gauge steel construction makes it pry-resistant, not only that, being California DOJ Bureau of Firearms approved you can 100% rely on that. The safe comes with 4 foot 1,500-lb rated steel security cable that can be used to mount the safe in tiniest of places.


Dimensions – 10 in W x 7 in D x 2 in H
Capacity – 2 Handguns
Lock type – key lock 
Construction – 16 – gauge steel construction
Mount Cable – 4 foot 1,500-lb rated steel security cable


  • The safe comes with 1,500 pounds rated 4ft cable.
  • It is California DOJ Bureau of Firearms approved so you can rely on it.
  • It is pry-resistant.
  • The locking type makes it easy to operate.


  • The foam inserts can be thicker for added protection.


If you face issues with the huge size of handgun safes, trust us you will not find a safe this compact. Not only that, its price is immensely low for low budget buyers. Go for it if you are THAT buyer!

First Alert 5100K Portable Handgun Safe with Key Lock, TSA Approved, Small

first alert 5100k hidden car gun safe

Another gun safe that is TSA approved and next in the list is the First Alert 5100K Portable Handgun Safe. This piece is compact enough to hide from your kids or the visitors at your home and can be placed under small areas like car trunks and under the car seats without anyone noticing it.

It comes with two lock variants – Keylock and Keypad lock. The keypad variant has a totally different look and has its own drawbacks, but only the keylock variant made it to the list of best car gun safes.


The highest gauge construction of all is of this compact piece with 18 – gauge steel which makes this safe robust and sturdy out of all the others that have been mentioned in the list. It is designed to hold 1 handgun with a magazine or any other ammunition that might come with it.

Foaming on the inside of the safe protects your gun from any scratches or bruises. The cool fact is that this safe can be mounted in two different ways, vertically and horizontally. So you can place your safe on the side of the seats as well.


As said before, the 18 – gauge steel construction is not a piece of cake to dig into. The burglar is going to have a hard time breaking this small powerful safe.

The safe comes with a 1500 pound-test steel cable which can be practically impossible to break so that adds on to the safety of the safe.
This safe again has a key lock like most on the list.


Exterior Dimensions – 9.5 in W x 6½ in D x 1.75 in H
Capacity – 1 Handgun
Lock type – Key Lock
Construction – 18 gauge steel construction
Mount Cable – 1,500 pound-test steel cable


  • The case is TSA approved so you can carry it on flights as well.
  • The foam interior protects your guns from any kind of damage.
  • It is compact and takes minimal space to store.
  • The lightweight construction makes it suitable for travel.
  • You get 1500 pound steel cable. It has two different ways to bolt.
  • It is sturdy and holds its place.


  • The protective foam should be thicker for protection.
  • The inner shelf is plastic, lightweight.


The safe might not be the best but it surely is one of the best. Get base safety for your gun with this model, however, if you are looking for something, this is not your pick.

Bulldog Cases Car Safe with Key Lock, Mounting Bracket and Cable in Black

bulldog car gun safe case

We are now moving on to our next product and you are looking at the Bulldog Cases Car Safe that comes with a key lock, mounting bracket, and security cable as well. It also has a black matte powder finish to give it a clean-cut sleek look.

Bulldog Safes are generally popular for its protection quality rather than additional technical features. So protection is what you are majorly going to witness below.


With the capacity of only 1 handgun, this safe make sure that that one handgun is protected under any circumstance. How does it do that?? By its heavy-duty steel construction with additional safety measures. The safe is easy to hide due to its black color and the interior is soft and scratch-resistant to guard your gun against scratches and shifting.

This bulldog safe is gorgeous to look at due to its black matte powder finish making it discrete in the car.


Since we know that this brand sincerely offers protection, you should not really worry about the safety of your gun. The regular key lock works just fine, trust us! The gun safe is perfectly safe with just the 3-foot security cable that you get along however, you do get a mounting bracket as added protection.

When the box is locked, you can not take it off of the mounting bracket such that it becomes a small safe house for your gun safe that just can not be broken into. Told you, with Bulldog, protection is the priority, no compromises there.


Interior Dimensions – 7″ x 5.25″ x 2″
Exterior Dimensions – 8.2″ x 5.9″ x 2.2
Capacity – 1 handgun
Lock type – Key Lock
Construction – Heavy-duty steel construction with a black matte powder finish.
Mount Cable – 3-foot security cable.


  • The safe has a heavy Duty Steel Construction that makes it difficult to break.
  • The black matte powder paint finish gives it a cool look.
  • It has a soft, durable scratch-resistant interior to protect your ammunition.
  • The price is inexpensive and affordable.
  • Its lightweight makes it easier to travel. 
  • The mounting cable locks in quickly.
  • It comes with a mounting bracket.


  • The bundled mounting screws are very basic
  • Interior padding is a little light


Protection is the only thing you are looking for?? one can never go wrong with Bulldog. Choose this blindfolded. We are with you.

Fort Knox FTK-AUTO Auto Pistol Box Handgun Safe

fort knox FTK car gun safe

The next car gun safe of the list is a box-shaped safe that has a keypad lock, is highly robust with no mount cable and carpet lining. Perfect for trucks!

Fort Knox has box safes than the regular car safe designs which makes them stand out amongst the others. However, the box shape and size might hinder the Safe’s placement in the car.


The safe’s body is constructed using 10 – gauge heavy steel and the door is 3/16 inch thick making it difficult to pry upon.

The safe is designed in a box shape that can hold one handgun (not a full size 1911) and two magazines.

The dimensions of the box safe might pose a problem in sedan cars however it is a perfect fit for trucks. Also, the interior is carpet rather than foam which does not really prevent the gun from shifting on a hard road.
Silver color finish protects the safe from breaking to rust.


The safe uses a mechanical dial lock that can save up to 1081 different user combinations. These mechanical locks offer a lifetime warranty as they do not break down like other types of locks.

Why to even speak of its safety level? This safe exceeds the California Firearms Safety Device Requirements. That speaks volumes in itself. The thick steel construction makes it stand out amongst the rest. On the downside, you do not get a munting cable so if in case you are willing to buy a security cable, do not worry about the mounting holes since they are provided to you.


Interior Dimensions – 3 in H x 10-1/2 in W x 9 in D
Exterior Dimensions –  4-1/4 in H x 12-1/2 in W x 10-3/8 in D
Capacity – 1 full-size handgun
Lock type – Mechanical dial lock
Construction – 10 – gauge steel body 3/16 inch thick door
Mount cable – not available


  • Its 10 gauge steel body construction makes it extremely robust to withstand years in working.
  • The design is compact enough to fit in any closet or regular safe.
  • It does not have to depend on any batteries (dial lock) so your safe is neer stuck closed in case of emergency.
  • The safe has easy instructions to use and change the combination.


  • There are no backup keys available.
  • A noise comes when the mechanical buttons are pushed down.
  • The interior has carpeting inside rather than thick foaming.
  • It does not come with a mounting cable.


Even though the size of the box is huge enough to be unfit for a few cars, it only holds one gun. This, though, is a flaw of this gun safe but it does guarantee you the protection of that one gun. The lifetime warranty is an added benefit.

ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault

shotlock handgun portable gun safe

Coming up next is a pistol safe that speaks about its robustness and heaviness at just one touch. The ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault showcases high-grade protection with its heavy construction and mechanical lock.


The ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault has a capacity of only 1 full-sized handgun ( even an M1911 ) and is extremely robust and sturdy due to its Military-grade 14-gauge steel frame construction. This is what gives it an upper hand over many other gun safes.

The safe is hard from the exterior and soft in the interior due to its inner lining that protects your gun from any type of damage that might occur due to movements.

It can be mounted horizontally and vertically, a feature that not a lot of gun safes have. Not only that, but you also get a strap to hold so it acts like a handbag but for guns.


The lock that it uses is a basic mechanical lock. All you got to do is dial the correct combination, however, incorrect sequential order else, the case will not open. The safe is capable of adding 1500 different combinations.

It has dual internal locking points which makes it hard for the invader to break into it all the way moreover its Military-grade 14-gauge steel frame construction.

The ShotLock Handgun 200M Solo-Vault exhibits a great deal of protection against any false activity and is extremely robust and heavy. It is not easy to get access to this safe that easily.

Talking about the security cable, you do not get the cable along with it which can put this safe behind in the league although, the idea of cable mounting is not totally discarded as the holes are provided.


Interior Dimensions – 9.00 in H x 7.00 in W x 2.00 in D
Exterior Dimensions – 11.38 in H x 7.50 in W x 2.38 in D
Capacity – 1 full sized Handgun
Lock type – Mechanical lock, no electronics
Construction – Military-grade 14-gauge steel frame construction.
Mount Cable – Not available (cable holes are provided)


  • The safe has dual internal locking points meaning it is hard to break into.
  • It is capable of adding 1500 combinations.
  • The unlocking mechanism is easy to operate and the security code is easy to change.
  • The safe can be mounted vertically or horizontally.
  • The felt liner in the interior protects the gun from bruises and provides a cushion-like surface for the guns to rest against.


  • The combination has to be sequential in order to open the lock.
  • It does not come with a mounting cable.


The two-way mounting has added to the flexibility of this heavy, sturdy and tough gun safe. So if you are hunting down a safe that has flexibility, robustness, protection, and easy operation, under the right budget, pick this one.

SentrySafe Pistol Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe QAP1BE

sentrysafe hand gun safe

One of the coolest looking gun safes after the Vaultek VT20i which has a biometric lock too is the SentrySafe Pistol Quick Access Biometric Gun Safe QAP1BE. It has a triple lock system and is the Department of Justice California DOJ Certified. You know what that means, right?

Like the Vaultek VT20i model, this one too has been the talk of the towns due to A – Its amazing looks and B – The biometric lock along with the security level.


The design is well thought of in terms of ease of access, security, and functioning. It uses a pry-resistant door and compression gas strut provides fast and silent door opening.

The body is constructed using a 12 – gauge Solid steel that adds to the protection grade of this safe after the biometric locking mechanism.
Biometric locks, even though are widely adopted in the upcoming gun safe market, still have not gained the trust of the customers in terms of their response.

You do get a foam lining interior but, it may take you a few seconds to grab your gun. No, not because of the biometric lock, that works just fine and is highly responsive, but the casing of the gun is such that it lags a few seconds to get a grip of your gun.


Biometric locks, as we all know, are the safest of all if responsive. The safe also extends the alternatives to the biometric lock in case the battery runs out. You can use the dial pad or if not, use the override keys.

The solid construction with a pry resistance door does not permit unauthorized access for the gun even under a hefty amount of force.
The safe is Department of Justice California DOJ Certified which gives it a good start for security measures.


Interior Dimensions – 9.7 in. W x 6.7 in. D. x 2.2 in. H
Exterior Dimensions – 12.1 in. W x 9.9 in. D. x 3.2 in. H
Capacity – 1 gun
Lock type – Biometric, electronic keypad, and override key
Construction – 12 – gauge Solid steel with a pry-resistant door
Mount cable – not available


  • The biometric lock ensures access in no time to your gun and is quick to respond.
  • The safe is extremely robust and can stand for years.
  • It has a triple Lock system, Biometric, electronic keypad, and an override key.
  • The design is compact enough to fit in small areas even your bedside table.
  • It is the Department of Justice California DOJ Certified.
  • The Pry resistance door prevents unauthorized access to your handgun.
  • Interior foam lining helps keep your firearm from any type of scratches and bruises and as a shock absorber.


  • The interior is such that it might take some time to pull out the gun.
  • It does not come with a mounting cable.
  • The biometric lock won’t work if the battery is weak.


We get it that you don’t trust biometric locks yet, but try this and there are chances that you will not go for anything else in the future. Good on budget, high-grade security, and cool looks. What else do you want??

Liberty HD-90 Safe – Key Vault Small Portable Handgun and Valuables Safe for Home or Vehicle

best car gun safe

Signing off the list of the best car gun safes with yet another compact design of Liberty HD-90 Safe. Your handgun is protected well inside this gorgeous looking gray safe that is made for transport purposes mainly.


The Liberty HD-90 safe is a professional, smooth and cool looking safe that has a capacity of one handgun with additional space for other valuable belongings. This safe also is designed to make it compact, lightweight (since it is for transport purpose) and concealable. It is perfect to place in shelves, in table drawers, under the car seat or trunk.

The 16 – gauge steel construction along with the mounting cable that comes with the safe does offer a great amount of pry resistance however, it is being reviewed that it can have slightly better protection.


The locking mechanism is all key-based which eliminates the chances of system failures as in any other type of locking mechanism. The solid steel construction makes it tough for the burglars to break in and the safety of the compact and lightweight safe to be stolen as a whole is maintained with the help of the mounting cable that comes inside the box.


Interior Dimensions – 1.3 in H x 10.6 in W x 7.1 in D
Exterior Dimensions – 2.5 in H x 10.3 in W x 8.3 in D
Capacity – 1 Handgun
Lock type – Key Lock
Construction – 16 gauge steel construction.
Mount Cable – included


  • Its 16 gauge steel construction makes it extremely robust.
  • It has a tamper-proof design.
  • Its design is made such that it is easy to conceal.
  • The safe is compact and lightweight.
  • This Liberty safe is quite inexpensive and affordable.


  • The pry-protection aspect could be worked upon to make it better.


For a compact and lightweight design, this safe is highly inexpensive and affordable. The safe is reviewed to be better than most currently available in the market.

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Final Verdict

After going through this list we are pretty much sure that your minds must be blown because of the types of products that are offered to you in the market.

we would highly recommend you to get yourself a car gun safe following this list as it has been made keeping every aspect in mind. Only the best-reviewed products are added. Brands that are at the top of their game at present are chosen. We hope that we have put that doubt away.

Talking about a totally different scenario, if you have not yet thought of getting a gun safe for your firearm, you are making a huge mistake as these firearms are not to be taken leniently in any format. With ammunition, you also take up on a huge responsibility of not letting those firearms in the wrong hands. So, we hope that if you own a gun you do get a gun safe as soon as possible if you have not already.

Also, there are chances that some of the products are not available in your country due to certain gun laws. So, educate yourself on those gun laws so that you do not face any legal issues. These legal actions are not easy to deal with and you would not want to get there at any cost. So learn. Good luck and be safe!

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