Best Biometric Gun Safes – For Hand Guns and Long Guns

When it comes to keeping guns at home, the idea comes with a great sense of responsibility in terms of their safety. You cannot be any lenient with them to be left in open in your home especially when you have toddlers messing up every corner and you have visitors on a regular basis. Not even that, your guns are not safe from burglars either.

To protect your guns from getting into the wrong hands, all you need to get is an efficient gun safe. Note that you might find a gun safe heavily expensive but investing in one is all worth it. Trust us! You would not want to even risk getting it persecuted in any manner. So, if you possess a gun of any type, a handgun or a long gun, grabbing a good gun safe should be the first thing in your mind if you do not already have one.

If you are already into gun safes you might be well aware of the types of gun safes that are being offered in the market, however, if not, you are going to witness a vast variety of gun safes designed for various different types of guns. You get safes based on size, construction material, capacity, type of lock, shelving, and many other criteria. But do not get bewildered amidst all of that. All you gotta do is list down what you need and leave it to us. We are here to guide you.

The big popular brands extend a wide variety of safes with numerous different features, one of the utmost being the type of lock that the safe has. Biometric, dial pad, mechanical locks are what is offered with the safes in the market, biometric being the latest and the most adopted one.

So what an idea Gun Safe is? To be honest it entirely depends on your requirements. However, in a general statement, based on reviews, a good gun safe is one that has a heavy gauge steel construction, heavy-duty if it is for long guns, more capacity, and comes with anchor bolts for added safety. Try and get one with UL certification for its fire, burglary, and lock protection. Even better if you get one with the California department of justice approved. Mechanical and electronic locks are the ones that are traditionally being used, albeit, the biometric ones are the newly adopted and are gaining popularity at a skyrocketing speed. And in a second you will know exactly why?

First, you gotta know what a biometric lock is. Well, a biometric lock is unlatched using the fingerprint technology, that is, only the pre-added fingerprints can be used to unlock the safe. If any fingerprint is not saved prior, no one in their wildest dreams can open the safe by the righteous means.


What is it with the biometric locks that they are catching eyes of the masses in the gun safe market?? Because these gun safes shower a few added qualities which you will not see in any other lock type safes. Now, what are the qualities?

  • Quick access – Biometric cases are easier to open as only a fingerprint is required. It takes only a few seconds to get access to your guns in comparison to manually opening the safe or dialing a passcode for the same.
  • Multiple users – Almost all the biometric gun safes let you save multiple fingerprints so you have more than one person who can open your safe.  
  • No non-permitted access – Anyone who does not have a fingerprint saved beforehand will not be able to open the gun safe in any circumstances maintaining the safety of your guns from your kids, visitors and obviously, burglars.

If you have jotted down your requirements about what type of safe your gun and you need, all you have to do now is go down and read which one suits and best matches your list. We have provided you a list of best biometric gun safes below. This article is solely based and revolves around biometric gun safes for handguns and long guns. The list given below is curated with detailed research and after taking into account thousands of reviews and with utmost care. Have a look at it. Keep reading.


Vaultek VT20 Handgun Bluetooth Smart Safe Pistol Safe

Vaultek vt20 safes

Talk about handgun safes, Vaultek VT20 Bluetooth Smart Safe wins all over. This compact case is one of the best biometric handgun safes and a top seller that has a construction of 16 – gauge steel and comes with anchor bolts at the bottom. The steel construction makes it extremely difficult for the burglars to break into it and the anchor bolts assure that the case as such doesn’t get stolen.

Besides the biometric lock, if in case it dysfunctions, you also get two more ways of unlocking the safe – using a dial key or override keys. This three lock system guarantees your access to the gun under any circumstance. You might witness that most of the biometric locks that you see in the market do not open as fast as they should. The whole purpose of biometric locks being quick to access gets ruined. However, the VT20 manages to keep the reputation of biometric locks as it opens just in 1 to 2 seconds.

You get cable mounting which can be used to mount the safe at the back of your car or anywhere else on a trip adding to the security of the safe, LED indicator lights to tell the function, and padded foam interior to protect your ammunition from scratches and any damage. It takes 4 AA batteries to operate.

What catches the eye of the stack is its SMART SAFE technology. You can now connect your biometric gun safe with your mobile device with an app via Bluetooth so that you can see if there is any kind of tampering being done to the safe. This features exponentially increases the security of your guns and is yet to be found in any other product.

Talking about the costing of the product, it is on the heavier side for a handgun safe, we agree, but trust us if you can, this truly is the best handgun safe one could ever think of. It has everything, it is heavy-duty, biometric lock, cool design, theft free, double guessing about it would be a dooms play in total honesty.


Interior Dimensions – 11 in W x 5.75 in D x 2 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 11.5 in W x 9.0 in x 2.75 in H
Capacity – 1 Gun
Lock type – Biometric, electronic keypad, and override key
Construction – 16 – gauge carbon steel construction


  • The model uses a SMART SAFE Technology that can connect your safe with your mobile device.
  • The box comes with Cable mounting to tie the safe as increased safety.
  • Padded foam interior protects your guns from scratches and any type of harm.
  • The vaultek piece offers a guaranteed Anti-theft Protection.
  • You get responsive LED lighting indicating different features.
  • It is Heavy-duty and durable that extends the utmost security from physical break-ins.
  • The Triple lock system ensures access to your gun if one lock does not work.


  • The App only works with one safe at a time so you can not get multiple safes with one device.
  • It is very heavy as it is heavy-duty for size.
  • It is also not fireproof or waterproof.

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock

Sentrysafe QAP1BE Guns Safe

SentrySafe QAP1BE Gun Safe with Biometric Lock is widely known for its compact design, yes! it is a small haven for your gun but it surely is a big deal in the gun safe market. In spite of being small in size, this 12 – gauge steel constructed model with a pry-resistant door is extremely robust and just do not break even after hefty break-in trials.

This, as same as Vaultek VT20, has a three lock system, biometric, electronic and override keys and can hold just one 1 handgun.
The safe has a quick response for biometric fingerprints and easy to use system which uses 4 AA batteries. However, there are no LED indicators or LED lightings inside the case so that might pose a problem if you are in the middle of an emergency and there is no light to guide you.

The model might not feel like giving a lot but when it comes to its price, there is no lashing that this product receives. Go ahead with this one if you are low on budget! It surely is of great value.


Interior Dimensions – 9.7 in. W x 6.7 in. D. x 2.2 in. H
Exterior Dimensions – 12.1 in. W x 9.9 in. D. x 3.2 in. H
Capacity – 1 gun
Lock type – Biometric, electronic keypad, and override key
Construction – 12 – gauge Solid steel with a pry-resistant door


  • The safe has a fast response to the biometric touch and provides access in no time.
  • The safe is extremely durable and can stand for years.
  • The triple Lock system ensures access under any circumstance.
  • The model is well known for its compact device and can fit easily on your bedside table as well.


  • Pulling out a gun might take time.

GunVault Minivault Biometric Pistol Safe GVB1000

Gunvault minivault Biometric safes

This biometric gun safe model can take up to 15 fingerprints, which means, 15 different people can open the safe and can access your gun. Also, besides the biometric lock, it does come with an override key which can be used in circumstances of a low battery or system failure.

The piece is designed using a 16 – gauge heavy steel that makes it impossible to break, so, the correct fingerprint is the only way to access the gun inside. Also, the interior has foam lining such that your gun is protected from any kind of damage. Worry not! we know you love your guns.

The SentrySafe gun safe also holds many other features including low battery indicating LED, interior lighting, a tamper indicator, and pre-drilled holes to mount it if in case you want it. This safe is the only one after Vaultek VT20 that showcases these many indicator lightings.

The most astounding feature of this gun safe is its NIGHT LIGHT design. The cool and modern design of hand is adopted to let your fingers find the fingerprint pad (Index finger) in situations of low light or night. This lets you access your gun pretty quickly in case of a night emergency.
When we tell you that it is a good option to consider, we are not lying. Go for it if you want a highly compact safe for your guns.


Interior Dimensions – 3 in W x 7 in D x 11 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 5.25 in W x 8.25 in D x 12 in H
Capacity – 1 handgun with a magazine
Lock type – Biometric lock with emergency back up keys
Construction – 16 – gauge steel housing with a Protective foam-lined interior


  • The product is highly compact to be fitted in table side drawers.
  • It is simple to use and program in comparison to other ones.
  • The safe is quick to access and opens in seconds.
  • The beeping about the operations is discreet and hence its placement is not found out.
  • Foam-lined interior protects the gun from the scratches and damage.


  • The user may be finding trouble charging the batteries.

Barska Quick Access Biometric AX11652 Rifle Safe Cabinet

Barska Quick Access Biometric AX11652 Rifle Safe

Okay! We get it. It is been long we have just been speaking about gun safes for handguns. But what about the long guns? Yeah, we are getting there right away.

So, if you will get into the gun safe market you will discover that there are not many long gun safes that possess a biometric lock. Why? Because we don’t know, maybe it’s new that has abstained from other big brands from them. But there is one company that does have multiple biometric gun safe models. The only company, as of now, producing those is Barska. Barska has created a brand of its own in past years and holds a great reputation for gun safes in the market. So to enter the list of best biometric gun safes, the first one we have here is Barska Quick Access Biometric AX11652 Rifle Safe Cabinet.

The safe can hold 4 Rifles without accessories and you also get an added compartment at the top to keep other valuable possessions of yours which can be handguns too. You can also remove the shelving to get more storage.
The design is extremely compact and can easily fit in your closet, however, it is light in weight and might topple on you so you will need to anchor those to the bottom using the anchoring holes that are already provided at the base.

The price is pretty amazing too, offers a lot for the price it is set at. There are not many models of biometric long guns safes to choose from as such, so your best option is to go for this, however, we do have other products for long guns from the same brand in the list of best biometric gun safes below. Keep reading and check them out too.


Exterior Dimensions – 9.75 in W x 8.63 in D x 52.13 in H
Interior Dimensions – 9.7 in W x 7.63 in D x 52 in H
Lock type – Biometric Lock
Storage Capacity – 4 rifles without accessories, added compartment.
Anchoring holes – provided
Construction – Thick steel


  • The compact design takes minimal space of your house and can fit in even in your closet.
  • The product is the California department of justice approved.
  • It has strong rigidity due to strong steel construction.
  • It offers Fire-resistance for 30 minutes taking up to 1400 Fahrenheit before dismantling.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is affordable for its price.
  • It has an additional key lock in case the biometric lock does not work.
  • You can remove shelving units for more storage.


  • It can hold up to only 4 rifles which is quite low if you are looking for a heavy collection gun safe.
  • The basic geometry of the safe might make it take a step back when it comes to multiple purposes safe.
  • The piece is so light-weighted that you might have a hard time keeping it upright without toppling over your head.

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Verifi Smart.Safe. S6000 Biometric Gun Safe with FBI Certified Fingerprint Sensor, Self-Diagnostics, Tamper Alerts, and AutoLock

Verifi Smart S6000 Biometric Guns

If there is any other handgun safe that offers a huge number of features after Vaultek VT20 is Verifi Smart.Safe. S6000 Biometric Gun Safe. One of the major reasons why this model has an upper hand on Vaultek one is that you can hold 3 handguns in this than 1 in the former.

The model uses the largest and the only FBI certified fingerprint sensor out there that uses the superior TouchChip TCS1 silicon fingerprint sensor has been tested and certified by the same. It uses the largest sensor in order to receive better quality full-sized fingerprint impressions. The fingerprint sensor is designed in order to unlock the door for the first time and no need for any further tries. You, having said that also get override keys in a situation if the system fails or the battery runs out.

What else you get in addition to the best fingerprint sensor to be one of the best biometric gun safe?
Well! You get an open door alert, battery health monitoring on the small digital screen that is on the door which also shows you the timing of unauthorized access, if any, done. Pretty cool, eh?
The auto-lock feature locks the door as soon as it gets closed so you need to manually lock it again. The contents of the safe get illuminated by the LED lights are installed.

Even though the safe is made using 8 – gauge steel construction, it is still the California Department of Justice approved and has been proved to provide a high amount of security to your gun.
Why do the customers opt for this one? Because it uses a low power consumption and can run the system on 4 AA batteries for almost a year.

Concluding the details about the model, it is extremely easy to use and has effortless manual management, be that as it may, the costing might feel like a heartache but trust us! It’s all gonna be worth it. No better investment than this. You just need to put in your money once and you are free for many years.


Interior Dimensions – 17.1 in W x 11.8 in D x 7.3 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 17.4  in W x 16.1 in D x 7.9 in H
Capacity – 3 handguns
Lock type – Biometric and override key
Construction – 8 – gauge solid steel construction for door and 14 – gauge solid steel construction for walls


  • It uses an FBI CERTIFIED FINGERPRINT SENSOR that takes the high-resolution fingerprint images.
  • It is FSD approved.
  • The tamper alert feature keeps the record of all the failed attempts of access.
  • The low battery consumption lets the fingerprint function for a whole year using 4 AA batteries.
  • The battery percentage is indicated on the mini screen.
  • The auto-lock system locks the safe door on its own just after you close it.
  • You also get LED night light to illuminate the contents of the safe.


  • The cost might be on the heavier side.
  • It is not fireproof.
  • The safe is light in weight and might topple if not anchored to the surface.

GunVault Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe

Gunvault speedvault biometric safes

Just look at the picture, doesn’t that look a really cool design?? Well, we get it if you are contemplating that that looks weird and can it even be called a safe?? But when you will get to know why does it have that weird yet cool looking design you will be enthusiastic about it as us.

Well well, this gun safe is designed for ready to grip purpose that can be installed where you can grab it easily in seconds and also keep it hidden from the eyes of visitors and your toddlers like under the table or your bedside. So imagine a scenario (We hope it does not happen!) where there is an emergent need of your gun because of any kind of unwanted foreign invasion in your home, all you gotta do is place your finger on the pad and take the gun out in a second. And the response of biometric lock is pretty amazing too. Worry not about going out and finding your safe and then getting hold of your gun with GunVault Speedvault Biometric Pistol Safe. That stuff is time-consuming!

Not only that you get to hold up to 20 individual fingerprints and uses a 9 Volts alkaline battery to function.
This safe obviously can only hold 1 handgun and is built using an 18 – gauge solid steel construction that does not get broken even after strong force and stands the same for years.
Under $200, this ready to use gun safe has a lot to offer. So if you are looking for something that you can hide as well as can grab it under serious conditions, our bet for you would be to grab this one. We mean it’s the right answer folks!


Interior Dimensions – 8.5 in W x 2.6 in D x 5.75 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 13 in W x 3.5 in D x 6.5 in H
Capacity – 1 handgun
Lock type – Biometric and override key
Construction – 18 – gauge steel construction


  • The simple design makes it easier to use.
  • You get ready to grip storage that lets you pull out the gun pretty quickly in case of an emergency.
  • The gun safe has a cool design that adds a valuable product without coming in the notice of the visitors.


  • The unusual design might lead to complex installation.
  • The safe is not enough heavy-duty to be safe as it designed to hide under tables of bed.

Barska AX11898 Large Biometric Rifle Safe

Barska AX11898 Biometric Rifle Safes

Another long gun safe product is again as said prior is from Barska is AX11898 Large Biometric Rifle Safe which in comparison to the other safe can hold up to 10 Rifles at a time. The safe comes with 12 internal removable position racks and 3 removable shelves such that you can store the rifles without any accessories though.
The safe is built using the 18 – gauge steel with tamper-resistant edges, and 5 built-in pry-resistant steel deadbolts that exponentially increases the security of guns from the burglars trying to break in.

The floor of the safe is carpeted and so, the guns inside are safe from any scratches or damage as such. Talking about the locking system, the biometric lock takes exactly 2.5 seconds to provide access to the guns and can store up to 120 individual fingerprints. This makes it perfect for a place where multiple people can use the guns inside the safe in case of an emergency like an organization or a hospital or police department building.

There is a loud beep at the unlocking of the safe door that can be optionally switched off by the button that has been provided. This Barska model has more features and qualities than the previous one and so the price is higher, that is common sense. It now all depends majorly on what amount of long gun you have. It is recommended to get a safe with more capacity than the number of guns that you already possess if, by any chance you get a few more in near future, you are left with the investment and hard work for a new gun safe to look for.


Interior Dimensions – 13.5 in W x 12.5 in D x 56.5 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 13.75 in W x 13.38 in D x 57 in H
Capacity – 10 Rifles
Lock type – Biometric and override key
Construction – 18 – gauge steel construction


  • It can store up to 120 individual fingerprints, fits perfectly for an organization with a number of people.
  • It can hold up to 10 long guns.
  • The Carpeted Interior protects your rifles from getting scratched and damaged.
  • It uses a 5 Steel Locking Bolting system which makes it pretty secure.
  • It has an instant 2.5 – second access.
  • The fingerprint setup is one step very easy setup.
  • You also get an optional silent function to turn the safe sound on / off.


  • There is no LED lighting inside that can help you in dark.

Barska AX12760 Standard Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe – 4 Gun Safe

Barska AX12760  Biometric Gun safe

And the list of the best biometric gun safes ends with another Barska long gun safe that stores up to 4 rifles and it is constructed using 14 – gauge steel along with a protective floor mat to keep your ammunition safe and healthy in the best condition.

The safe is The California department of justice approved provides great safety to your guns because of its 14 – gauge solid steel construction as mentioned above.
The biometric lock can take up to 120 individual fingerprints as same as in the above model and can be used in any organization or similar sort of area. You also get an electronic lock and override keys in case the biometric system fails or the battery runs out at it uses 4 AA batteries to operate smoothly.

In comparison to the AX11898 model, this one has a 3 bolt locking system rather than a 5 bolt locking system which is not as bad as you might think. It also has silent mode access as in AX11898.

You might as well want to go for the other two options above but if you do not have a hefty collection and want a better safety option since this product is DOJ approved, you can actually consider this. It is not a bad choice. If it is in the list of best biometric gun safes, then surely it does have some pretty great reviews to end with.


Interior Dimensions – 6.7 in W x 9.3 in D x 51.5 in H
Exterior Dimensions – 8.6 in W x 9.8 in D x 52.17 in H
Capacity – 4 Rifles
Lock type – Biometric and override key
Construction – 14 – gauge steel construction


  • It is DOJ Approved for Firearm Storage, Digital PIN Pad and Key Access.
  • It can store up to 120 fingerprints which can come out to be extremely useful if the safe is to be used in a place with a huge number of people like any organization.
  • The 3-Point Steel Dead Bolt Locking System turns out to provide a great amount of safety.
  • The triple lock system provides multiple options to unlock the case.
  • It has a silent access mode.
  • The protective floor mat keeps your rifles damage free.


  • It can only hold 4 long guns. That is a pretty low capacity if you are an ammunition enthusiast.
  • There is no LED lighting inside that can help you in dark.
  • The foam gun barrel rest does not come with any way to attach it to the interior of the safe.

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Wrapping It Up

Oh boy! That was intense, wasn’t it?? Well, we get it. We have all been there. But we are glad that you are willing to get a gun safe and understand its importance in your home.
Concluding as we are about to make a goodbye, we would just want you to know that take your time to do full research before investing your money into something that holds a great sense of responsibility and seriousness that will be used for years.

Before taking leave, we would just like to inform you once again, that if you are still being lenient about buying a gun safe, please do not be. It is better to take precautions before something awful happens that you and people around you regret.

As a regular citizen, dealing with guns and gun safes knowing about the gun laws in your country is an indispensable deal. Do not get caught in some legal actions just because you did not do your research before getting into some serious business and serious muck. Good luck and be safe!

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